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I wish to single out one person for special mention: Magdalene Carson at New Leaf Publication Design. Mag did a terrific job making the book look like an antique journal.

David Mulholland, Duel,


A big part of the success of my book is due to the wonderful design and layout work done by Magdalene Carson. Mag diligently tackled this project using her keen eye and industry experience, was easy to work with, and in the end produced a fabulous-looking book which has won wide-spread praise.

Albert Kaprielian


My first reaction — and of my husband, 17-year-old daughter, and her friends — is that WE LOVE IT! I’m going to sleep on it, but I think it looks amazing. You really capture the story and the conflict. I love … the drama in the ice spray and the pick.

Michèle Muzzi, Picks and Sticks

Just on the road home but will take a better look when I get to my computer. However, I cried (literally) when I saw your concepts. I’m thrilled. Thanks so much, Mag.

Jennifer DeBruin, Shadows in the Trees

A very special thank you for the cover design of my book. It’s getting rave reviews from all of who have seen it and the books are selling like hot cases. Your contribution was crucial to the success of this book and I offer you my kudos for a job extremely well done.

Charles Seems, Ready, Set, Hired! A Practical Guide to Starting a Career with the Canadian Government,

Working with Mag was like winning the trifecta at the track or scoring a hat trick in hockey: she got my book, she cared, and she knows her business. … Throughout, the passion and professionalism were unmistakable.

Isabel Gibson, Proposals: Getting Started, Getting Better,

Your technical skill in presentation is truly fabulous. So, too, is your imagination, as well as your dedication in bringing out the best in things. Everyone is impressed with the covers, the bookmark, and I could go on.

Wolfram E. Leibbrant, Forbidding Waters: In Quest of the Squaretail

The book itself is beautiful. It has a good feel and heft. The print is easy on the eyes. If one were to judge a book by its cover, this one would be an instant winner. In so many ways, a beautifully crafted piece of work.

Ian McKercher, The Underling,

I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did on the cover design for my book Stubborn. Your use of type and images not only catches attention and evokes stubborn persistence, but speaks simultaneously to the unusual mix of ideas and places covered by the book. And I believe the cover played a very important role in generating effective media coverage and reviews of the book.

Dick Bourgeois-Doyle, Stubborn: Big Ed Caswell and the Line from the Valley to the Northland

Mag Carson’s artwork and design for my novel, The Book of Love: Guidance in Affairs of the Heart, was absolutely perfect. She read carefully, listened to what I had to say about her concepts, and came up with an amazing visual depiction of the essence of my novel. I only hope she can design my next one.

Barbara Sibbald, author, editor, and journalist, Ottawa, Ontario

Mag, the work you have done for me on the covers – and the interiors – of my two books was absolutely wonderful. I am sure that the cover of A Journey of Days contributed to its becoming a best-seller. I recommend your work and your professionalism without any caveats whatsoever.

Guy Thatcher, A Journey of Days: Relearning Life’s Lessons on the Camino de Santiago and A Journey of Days Continues: Mud, Mountains, and Mindfullness on the Camino de Saint-Jacques,

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